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Apps - April 18, 2019

How Reliable Are Payment Apps Like Venmo, Zelle and Cash App?

CHICAGO (CBS)–Payment apps like Venmo and Zelle provide a manner to send and get hold of money at the press of a button, however how dependable are they?

With more than 15 million customers and developing, online payment carrier “Cash App” is playing rapid fulfillment. “Cash App” has emerged as a success tale some of the increasingly-crowded area of fee apps, doubling its lively customers in a 12 months.

One of those customers, Porter Myrick of Chicago’s Pullman community, said he started out the usage of “Cash App” closing 12 months.

Myrick has been a protracted-time client of finance apps like Zelle and Venmo, which he makes use of to transfer money to buddies and family.


After a $2 hundred price he changed into imagined to obtain went missing, he started out fumbling with the app to locate answers.

“In the middle, there’s a tab that shows me the amount to be had, after which there’s a tab that says cash aid,” Myrick said.

Myrick wished that guide while he became not able to discover the $200 switch, but answers didn’t come clean.

In mid-March, he accompanied all the activates and submitted an inquiry to the customer support middle–however he by no means heard back.

It turns out, his money became sitting within the app the whole time–he simply couldn’t discover it. Myrick handiest found out wherein his money became by using playing with the app for weeks and studying its nuances.

A reaction from “Cash App” should have helped him discover his money an awful lot sooner.

Myrick said a customer service reaction could have improved his experience on the app.

Financial analysts like Lamont Black, a professor at DePaul University, stated fast-developing organizations can enjoy developing pains.

Black said many new tech groups like “Cash App” lack the customer service aid needed to parallel rapid boom.

One way to make certain in which your money is going whilst use an app like “Cash App” is to check it out with a pal.

“If you down load it and try to use it at once with out understanding where your cash is, it’d turn out to be inside the wrong account,” Black stated.

A “Cash App” spokesperson told CBS 2, “Our goal is continually to offer customers with fast and thoughtful customer service. Occasionally, as in this case, we fall brief of that goal, and we’ll use it as an possibility to learn and do better in the future.”

After Myrick’s debacle was subsequently resolved, “Cash App” controlled to ship him a customer support survey.

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