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Computers - February 17, 2024

Hype is too high on quantum computer systems: Nobel laureate Serge Haroche

Hype is too high on quantum computer systems: Nobel laureate Serge Haroche 1

Quantum computing is being over-hyped, said one of the laureates for 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics, French quantum physicist Serge Haroche. He commented to journalists at some point of his go-to to Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen on Monday.

Haroche, collectively with U.S. Physicist David Wineland, observed a way to control character quantum structures, which earned them the Nobel Prize.

Though Haroche’s work paved the way for similar quantum physics research, he admitted that the software of quantum physics still needs plenty of effort.

He listed a few essential areas related to quantum physics. ““Quantum computing continues to be preliminary,” he stated, referring to cutting-edge quantum computers as toys.

“China is doing a mind-blowing process in the quantum communique,” he cited the technology that utilizes the quantum entanglement principle to switch statistics. “But the velocity is very slow.”

Nobel laureate Serge Haroche

China has built a 1000-kilometer-long quantum community with Micius quantum satellite. But the speed is still slower than a 2G mobile phone.

Another location Haroche indexed is a quantum simulation, intending to lead to more particular atom clocks. These clocks can be used on positioning structures like GPS to grow accuracy. “It is promising,” he informed journalists.

Huawei R&D spending is “brilliant.”

Haroche insisted he has no cooperative courting with Huawei. But after seeing the organization’s efforts in research and improvement (R&D), Haroche stated he became amazed at how an awful lot of cash Huawei is willing to invest.

“The French authorities put 2.2 percent of public money into scientific studies,” he said, “and Huawei is spending 60 percent of the quantity.” “Huawei is going from essentially no person to the chief in 5G,” he introduced.

Haroche needed the big tech to make investments extra in fundamental technological know-how research. “I take into account that businesses want to spend massive money to do primary technological know-how. However, it is nonetheless greater realistic than quantum computing.”

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