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Gadgets - February 27, 2024

Microsoft Your Phone App Gets Android Notifications Mirroring Feature for Windows 10

Microsoft Your Phone App Gets Android Notifications Mirroring Feature for Windows 10 1

Microsoft has rolled out Android notifications help for the Your Phone app. This will enable customers to get hold of Android notifications on their Windows 10 PC. Launched in 2018, the Your Phone app previously allowed users to look at current images taken on an Android phone at once on a Windows 10 PC and to ship SMS messages from a computer. The Android notifications mirroring function is rolling out for all Windows Insider customers in a sluggish way. Microsoft is anticipated to finish the rollout by using July nine.

In a tweet, Microsoft announced that the Your Phone app will now assist Android notifications on Windows 10 PCs through the Windows Insider cope. This way that once you join your Android phone with the Your Phone app, it’ll now show notifications received at the telephone for your PC as nicely – in real-time. Explaining how it works, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management, Vishnu Nath, told Thurott.Com “that Windows Insider customers will essentially be capable of click on on a notification from your telephone, and it’s going to reflect your telephone’s screen in your computer and allow you to take actions proper from there. So as an instance, if someone messages you on WhatsApp, you may click on the notification, and it will open up WhatsApp in your telephone and reflect the telephone screen in your PC, allowing you to answer to the message.” The record says that support for short replies hasn’t been enabled but-it’s miles coming quickly. Microsoft notes that the latest Windows 10 May 2019 update additionally introduced alongside the capacity to connect emojis, GIFs, or pics without delay for your texts, as well as in-line, respond to incoming messages. Users can even use the Your Phone app to send and acquire deep link URLs on your messages and spot unread messages and threads. Users can now even store pix at once on their PC by right-clicking on the photograph.

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