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Apps - April 18, 2019

Sina Corp news and weblog apps suspended for violating China net laws

Sina Corp, the Chinese internet giant behind microblogging website online Weibo, has suspended its news and blog apps after violating China’s net regulations.

China’s net authority, Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission stated the organization changed into no longer doing sufficient to slight flawed content and had unfold unfaithful and vulgar records and become a “horrific influence” on public opinion.

Sina has reportedly voluntarily suspended its Sina Blog platform and app as well as the Sina News app for one month to rectify the issues.

Sina’s Weibo platform, that’s considered one of the most important social media structures in China, is not stricken by the suspensions.

It is the latest flow by the Chinese authorities to crack down on incorrect net content, such as pornography, gambling, faux information and political dissent. China’s internet regulators have close down hundreds of apps and social media accounts, and placed stress on organizations to slight and censor content that appears on their structures.


Last 12 months the net authority investigated Tencent, Baidu and Sina Weibo for sharing consumer-generated content weighted down with “violence, porn, rumours”. It also has formerly close down Weibo and other stay-streaming websites for violations.

The government also keeps to clamp down on using Virtual Private Network’s (VPN) which mask IP addresses and permit users to navigate China’s Great Firewall to get entry to blocked content material and web sites. Last month the government banned VPNs from buying banner advertisements in China. It has additionally previously pressured Apple to eliminate VPN apps for the Chinese App Store.

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