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Computers - April 18, 2019

This Startup Just Raised $21 Million To Bring Quantum Computing To Enterprise Applications

Zapata Computing, a quantum computing software program startup that spun out of Harvard, introduced Wednesday that it has raised $21 million in a Series A spherical. The spherical become led via Prelude Ventures and Comcast Ventures, and protected participation from Pillar VC, The Engine, BASF Venture Capital, Pitango Ventures and Robert Bosch Venture Capital. The boost will carry the agency’s general funding to about $26.Forty five million.

Unique amongst quantum computing startups, Zapata Computing isn’t interested in building quantum computer systems. Instead, it’s building software packages for the ones structures, in addition to helping big organizations discover answers wherein quantum computing makes feel, irrespective of what hardware that client is the usage of.

“We’re growing an company-hardened software platform that lets in the domain experts to move as deep as they need, as well as abstract to a sure degree,” Zapata CEO Chris Savoie defined to me. “This isn’t always for the faint of coronary heart. We’re not accessible looking to educate an undergraduate pc science fundamental the way to software a quantum laptop. We’re years away from that.”


Zapata’s consciousness proper now’s on packages wherein quantum computing can offer a few advantages over traditional supercomputing, specifically in 3 key areas: simulation of chemical reactions, system gaining knowledge of and optimization troubles, which can be of unique interest in regions like logistics and planning.

The startup became founded in 2017 and spins out of the work of Alán Aspuru-Guzik, who has been operating to apply quantum computing to chemical simulations. In his lab have been 4 postdocs, physicists Peter Johnson and Jonny Olson; computer scientist Yudong Cao; and chemist Jhonathan Romero Fontalvo. All of them have been running on one-of-a-kind applications of quantum computing, and it changed into their paintings in Aspuru-Guzik’s lab that grew into the premise for the organisation.

To run Zapata, the cofounders tapped Savoie as CEO. A serial entrepreneur and tech enterprise govt whose PhD research had focused on molecular simulations. Apart from the businesses he’d previously founded, he’d additionally worked at Verizon and Nissan. His previous startup, OLED materials employer Kyulux, had licensed AI era developed in Aspuru-Guzik’s lab, which began the relationship among the two.

After expressing frustration to Aspuru-Guzik over his two times-month-to-month shuttle from Boston to Japan (“Which my spouse stated turned into not a tenable business plan,” Savoie joked), Aspuru-Guzik invited Savoie to satisfy with the Zapata founding crew.

“They convinced me by lunchtime that there was a there there,” Savoie stated. “And after lunch he introduced me to IBM’s quantum organization and more than one other quantum organizations as the CEO of Zapata Computing.”

With the cutting-edge spherical of funding, Savoie intends to position Zapata as the primary quantum software program answer for large corporations. To that end, he intends to apply this infusion of capital to lease skills on each the quantum physics aspect and the laptop science aspect. It may also be seeking out worldwide expertise through increasing its current footprint in Toronto and setting up an workplace in Barcelona on the way to attract European expertise.

“We want to be international, and we want to have sufficient fuel in the tank to do this proper and lease the proper humans,” Savoie stated.

As it works to make bigger its role inside the marketplace, Savoie stated that he’s stimulated with the aid of the way Oracle initially worked with huge organisations in its early days. Zapata’s sales can be in large part pushed first of all by means of consulting prices as it allows to develop particular software program solutions for businesses and trains people to use them. Its long-time period dreams are also inspired via Oracle—Savoie notes that the corporation desires to build out the SQL of quantum software.

“Not simplest the language,” he stated. “But all the stuff that makes that work in an efficient, business enterprise-hardened situation.”

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