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Token Taxonomy Initiative Launched By Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Microsoft

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an organization targeted on “growing open, blockchain specifications” and standards that decorate “interoperability for businesses and consumers,” is working with Microsoft on an initiative on the way to assist businesses issue an appropriate sort of crypto tokens for their necessities.

She referred to because of the “Token Taxonomy Initiative,” the token development challenge might be built and managed with the use of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Digital Asset’s DAML, and R3’s Corda technologies.

EY, Microsoft, Digital Asset, Banco Santander Join Token Taxonomy Initiative. Some of the prominent contributors of the Token Taxonomy Initiative include JPMorgan, IBM, Ernst & Young, ConsenSys, Blockchain Research Institute, Microsoft, Web3 Labs, R3, ING, Intel, Komgo, Clearmatics, Digital Asset, and Banco Santander. This, in keeping with the assertion made on April seventeenth, 2019, also found out that the token creation initiative might be open and available to all customers who need to contribute to its ongoing improvement.


To facilitate the creation of venture-precise tokens, there might be numerous workshops conducted, and there will also be a Github repository wherein users can post their research findings. Additionally, the storage may be used to upload check facts associated with numerous blockchain-based token implementation initiatives.

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