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E-Commerce - February 18, 2024

AO and L Marks launch new accelerator for e-trade startups to enhance the online shopping experience (Sponsored)

AO and L Marks launch new accelerator for e-trade startups to enhance the online shopping experience (Sponsored) 1

In partnership with L Marks, the online electrics store, AO has announced a global search for the next virtual disruptors to make online shopping less complicated and quicker for its client.

In the primary such program of its kind from a retailer, the AO Innovation Lab will pick startups thru a rigorous seek and choice process to work alongside it in crossing new frontiers in e-commerce.

L Marks, the UK’s leading innovation advisory firm, has already created over fifty worldwide company accelerators and could lead the search for startups for the AO Innovation Lab.


AO will offer the startups access to senior mentors and enterprise experts, in conjunction with improvement opportunities and product validation, pilot schemes on AO.Com, and the potential for investment from AO and L Marks.

L Marks will use its information to become aware of startups from all around the globe the use of standards set by way of AO, which include creating unique buying experiences, developing a greater digital salesforce, optimizing consumer deliveries, and the next segment, AR. The AO Innovation Lab is also open to all people who think they have a great concept but need to assist in getting it going.

Successful startups will participate in a ten-week innovation program inside the AO Innovation Lab to create an environment to illustrate thoughts and collaborate to show them essential lifestyle tools and merchandise.

“The release of AO Innovation Lab underlines the entrepreneurial ethos that has existed within the employer considering its founding much less than 20 years in the past,” stated Daniel Saunders, CEO of L Marks. “AO is a British achievement story that knows innovation, strategic boom, and the importance of trying for a better way. This is the first time L Marks might be running with a pure-play e-tailer, and we are excited to be working with such a progressive and a hit employer. AO is ideally fitted to help startups in their improvement while harnessing the brand new generation innovations to improve their operations and create new studies for their customers.”

“The AO Innovation Lab is set inventing our destiny now,” said AO’s Founder and CEO, John Roberts. “I’m obsessed with innovation and continuously disrupting ourselves in the pursuit of having the happiest clients. We have a global IT crew, but we don’t recognize what we don’t recognize, so the AO Innovation Lab will undertake our thinking and open our eyes even wider. Partnering with specialists like L Marks manner we’ll find tomorrow’s tech entrepreneurs and make their ideas a fact to the benefit of our clients. It’s one of those conditions wherein everyone worried is a winner.”

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