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Laptops - February 11, 2024

Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS thirteen: Is there a new thirteen-inch laptop champ?

Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS thirteen: Is there a new thirteen-inch laptop champ? 1

Both once-main laptops have shaken off the dirt with the latest overhauls, making them of the fine portable PCs you can buy. One rhetorical instance I’ve used through the years is that a laptop is like a couple of eyeglasses: It’s sensible, and it is something the majority cannot live without.


But at the equal time, it is an immensely personal desire, combining the occasionally contradictory forces of budget, features, and fashion. Like a couple of glasses, a pc is mostly a massive part of the photo you gift to the arena, either in meetings, at espresso stores, or in class. Hence, it’s no longer best approximately who offers the most widgets for the pettiest cash; it’s about which laptop is right healthy for you.


For a protracted (without a doubt lengthy) time, Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air became the undisputed champ. I used to call it “the maximum universally beneficial pc you can buy.” I meant the $999 base version was the unmarried computer, most probably the maximum applicable to the enormously wide variety of people. It had the most significant overlap in its Venn diagram of capability proprietors. It had such an identifiable design that it became as much a declaration piece as a piece device.

But time catches up with everybody and the entirety. Over the previous few years of the Air’s decade-plus lifespan, the basic layout stayed the same. The low-decision display with its thick borders and generations-antique CPU technology came to sense more and more dated. Meanwhile, more modern laptops from Dell, HP, Acer, and others regarded and felt more current and brought new capabilities, from touchscreens to USB-C ports.

At lengthy ultimate, in overdue 2018, Apple launched a wholly redesigned model of the MacBook Air, making it thinner, lighter, and yes, greater high-priced. It felt like a stripped-down model of the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro, and most significantly, shaved that display bezel right down to an inexpensive size, pairing it with a high-res contemporary display.

But what about the Windows aspect of the fence? What became the excellent PC opportunity for the Air? One of my favorite present-day laptops is Dell XPS thirteen. Since 2015, it’s made waves by using shaving its display bezel right down to mere millimeters, similar to a high-give-up TV. The XPS still had some flaws, and other laptops handed it in layout over the past four years, but the new 2019 version fixes nearly all of that. As I said in my overview, “I had to appearance lengthy and hard to locate anything I did not like” approximately the updated model. Now that I’ve got a new version of the MacBook Air and the XPS thirteen, which one ought to be my default starting point for thirteen-inch laptop suggestions?

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