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Argentina ought to ban Rappi and comparable apps if drivers’ safety features aren’t carried out

Context – Last week, choose Roberto Gallardo compelled the Argentinian authorities to ban all closing-mile shipping apps till adequate security features are nicely implemented. This is the contemporary development in Argentina after transport drivers in Córdoba unionized and released their app to boycott Rappi plus comparable services.

In precis

Rappi, Glovo, and PedidosYa can be dealing with a few extreme street bumps if the Argentine government follows the civil servant’s request. The question is – will officials listen to the court docket’s request or permit it to fall by way of the wayside? If the motion is taken, new stipulations will create stricter protocols.

For example, drivers might use helmets similarly to storing transport containers on motors instead of being worn as backpacks. If revisions go through, all shipping women and men will need to carry their healthcare credentials and coincidence insurance policy. Moreover, vehicles might need to be prepared with accurate indicators for midnight driving.


Last December, the Administrative and Tax Litigation Court supplied measures to sell bike drivers’ integrity and public protection. Nonetheless, even though these measures have been transferred to the executive for evaluation, they’ve never been acted on.

Following this, the pinnacle of the courtroom demanded nearby consultants implement new economic and social measures to protect drivers from their inherently volatile jobs. The variety of meals delivery drivers have multiplied exponentially over the years, but there aren’t any guidelines to protect them.

“From the reputable data furnished by the Ministry of Health, it seems that inside the period of one month and handiest with regards to the general public hospitals of the metropolis, there had been 25 accidents on public roads regarding bike or bicycle drivers tormented by injuries, courier service, and domestic transport,” said the court record.


Rappi expressed disapproval of the change and intended to appeal the judicial action. According to the corporation’s declaration, legislative changes could “affect the entire city courier enterprise and home delivery of meals materials within the city (of Buenos Aires) and puts at hazard sources of earning for heaps of humans.”

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