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Cell Phone - April 18, 2019

Case Over NJ State Trooper’s Swiping of Woman’s Nude Cellphone Photos to Proceed Despite Late Notice

A country appeals court docket has dominated that a Monmouth County lady can proceed along with her declare over a 2016 incident involving a New Jersey State trooper—who pulled her over, downloaded from her cellular telephone nude pics intended to document her weight, and disseminated the photos with out her knowledge or consent.
The lady—who became in therapy for intellectual and personal troubles, she claims—alleged the incident put her over the brink, causing her to spiral deeper into despair and tension to the point she couldn’t leave her residence or take care of herself.

On Tuesday, an Appellate Division panel affirmed a judge’s decision to permit plaintiff Marielle Kuczinski, 27, of Millstone, which will file a late tort claim be aware below the New Jersey Tort Claim Act against the state of New Jersey, the New Jersey State Police and the in view that-fired trooper, Marquice D. Prather.
“Defendants contend the judge abused his discretion in locating plaintiff hooked up extremely good instances that avoided her from filing a well timed tort claim be aware,” Appellate Division Judges Michael J. Haas and Thomas Sumners dominated within the in step with curiam choice Wednesday.

“We disagree and verify primarily based upon the judge’s credibility findings and considerate reasoning in his oral selection that defendants have been no longer prejudiced with the aid of the overdue filing and that plaintiff’s medical situations warranted terrific circumstances for filing a past due tort claim.”


The case turned into argued Jan. 22 on appeal from Middlesex County Superior Court.

Christopher J. Riggs, Deputy attorney preferred, represented the defendants, who contended that Kuczinski had did not present any great instances according with the statue to warrant her submitting an untimely tort declare note.

Leland Moore, spokesman for the state Attorney General’s Office, declined comment Wednesday.

Attorney Fredrick L. Rubenstein of James P. Nolan and Associates in Woodbridge represented Kuczinksi.

“Obviously, Marielle and I are very thrilled,” Rubenstein stated Wednesday in a telephone interview.  “Unfortunately, Marielle had been present process therapy for nonrelated matters, and this example with the kingdom trooper and kingdom of New Jersey critically irritated and exacerbated the problems she was having.

“Marielle turned into violated in unspeakable approaches through this trooper, and the state of New Jersey ought to have recognised he turned into undertaking behavior that become inconsistent with serving and shielding the general public,” Rubenstein introduced.

On Jan. 13, 2016, Kuczinski become using on I-ninety five when she changed into pulled over through Prather for reasons now not presently regarded, according to courtroom documents and findings from an research by way of the State Police Office of Professional Standards (OPS).

Kuczinski passed over her driver’s license and car registration to Prather, however did now not have her coverage card with her. Instead, she gave Prather her cellphone, which contained a copy of her insurance card and nude pictures she took of herself.

The photographs, in keeping with Kuczinski’s recommend, had been meant to record her weight because of anorexia.

Prather went to his patrol car and finally walked lower back to Kuczinski to go back her cellular phone and using credentials. He allowed her to leave without issuing a summons, according to the files.

A year later, on Jan. 17, 2017, members of the New Jersey State Police OPS unit met with Kuczinski and informed her of an inner research revealing that Prather had eliminated some non-public records and pics from her mobile phone for the duration of that roadside prevent a 12 months in advance. It was observed that Prather shared the photographs with different soldiers and disseminated them over the internet.

Prather ultimately pleaded guilty to third-degree invasion of assets, fourth-diploma tampering with bodily proof, and falsifying or tampering with statistics; sentenced to probation Dec. 8, 2017; and disregarded from the State Police, the court docket stated.

On Jan. 11, 2018, six days brief of the one-year anniversary of studying that Prather had invaded her privateness, Kuczinski submitted a movement to file a past due tort declare notice. She testified at an evidentiary hearing to complement the certification she connected to the motion concerning exquisite instances that she said justified a late tort declare be aware beneath N.J.S.A. 59:eight-9.

Kuczinski testified that once she turned into informed of Prather’s moves, the tension and depression she skilled from a physically abusive courting, in addition to the suicide of her first-rate friend, have been exacerbated. She additionally claimed her kind 1 diabetes and autoimmune ailments had been negatively impacted by way of the enjoy.

Kuczinski claimed she waited nine months to are seeking prison counsel over Prather’s misconduct because she changed into ate up with her physical and intellectual fitness problems.

On March nine, 2018, Superior Court Judge Vincent LeBlon issued an oral choice granting her motion to file a past due tort declare observe.

The country defendants filed a word of attraction April 23, 2018, asserting that LeBlon did not set forth his reasons for granting the movement.

LeBlon located his oral decision on the record the next day as a end result, announcing he didn’t locate the defendants prejudiced because they notified Kuczinski of her capability declare once they knowledgeable her of Trooper Prather’s misconduct towards her.

“I discover and trust that the plaintiff has installed outstanding occasions below the New Jersey Torts Claim Act,” LeBlon wrote in his opinion, in line with the appeals court docket. “I locate that the plaintiff sustained intense psychological injuries as a result of the incident and, as such, this constitutes top notch situations.”

In Tuesday’s ruling, the Appellate Division panel said they determined no abuse of discretion in LeBlon’s findings and conclusions, and that Kuczinski had provided enough medical proof of her deteriorating mental and physical country at her evidentiary listening to—unlike preceding, distinguishable Appellate Division instances involving comparable situations, D.D. V. Univ. Of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. (2013) and O’Neill v. City of Newark (1997).

The plaintiffs in those cases, the panel stated, furnished “clinical proofs that have been insufficient” to help their reasons for now not submitting a well timed tort claim notice.

“Unlike D.D. And O’Neill, … plaintiff right here defined in detail how her feeling of helplessness from Prather’s actions triggered her to cognizance on her fitness with the aid of seeing a therapist, which in turn prevented her from consulting an legal professional regarding the feasible redress of her violated rights,” Haas and Sumners stated.

“Significantly, Judge LeBlon determined plaintiff was so incapacitated by means of the disclosure of Prather’s moves, which exacerbated her pre-existing circumstance to the quantity that it affected her capability to record a timely tort claim notice towards defendants.”

Plaintiffs attorney Rubenstein said his consumer inside the equal grievance also lodged a declare in opposition to the nation and State Police for violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination for denial of a public lodging.

“Trooper Prather simplest pulled over women to get their personal information and/or pix or motion pictures and determined to disseminate them to his colleagues or pornographic web sites,” Rubenstein said. “What you’ve got here is the dual carriageway my purchaser turned into travelling on. She was lawfully on that motorway, a female entitled to the protection afforded below the LAD.

“Our allegation is that Interstate-95 fits inside the definition of a place of public accommodation,” he stated. “The state of New Jersey is both the proprietor or proprietor of I-ninety five, and this precise trooper pulled over, on at least 30 activities, other ladies, soliciting for their cellular phones underneath false pretenses. By doing so, his movements basically denied Miss Kuczinski the hotels, advantages, or privileges of being able to operate her automobile on any state dual carriageway.

“Most importantly, he did this solely based on her gender,” Rubenstein said. “There became no cause for preventing her or any of the alternative sufferers aside from on the idea of their gender.”

The State Police investigation did now not indicate whether or not another claimants filed a well timed tort claim word concerning Prather’s invasion of privacy, according to the Appellate Division ruling.


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