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Software - February 22, 2024

City licensing cybersecurity software program modeled after human immune system

City licensing cybersecurity software program modeled after human immune system 1

The metropolis of San Antonio is licensing software to enable its cybersecurity team to cozy its internal computer community. The City Council, on April 18, authorized a $670,620 contract that runs thru 2024 with SHI Government Solutions Inc., an Austin-primarily based era enterprise, so that one can install and license the Darktrace software program. The first-yr cost is $134,124, in step with the city. The Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Ordinance changed into waived due to the absence of providers for this carrier.

Darktrace describes itself as being modeled after the human immune device and appears for a unique sample of life within a laptop community as a baseline then can flag issues while discovered. Darktrace becomes additionally certified with the aid of the town of Las Vegas to understand the town’s inner laptop machine sample for its 3,000 personnel.

“This is a next-generation tool. It was once a far greater manual operation of an analyst having to glance through firewall or device logs,” said Patsy Boozer, leader information security officer at the town of San Antonio. “This doesn’t take the analyst out of the equation, but the attention to what they want to. It’s more about performance.” The metropolis has eight cybersecurity analysts accountable for greater than sixteen 000 devices and accounts related to the metropolis’s computer network.


In August 2018, the metropolis initiated evidence of an idea with Darktrace and piloted the software. It had worked with a professional from Gartner, a worldwide studies and advisory enterprise, to identify ability alternatives on the market.

The plan is to use this software program because of the city’s internal gadget as it joins a shared cybersecurity middle. San Antonio makes use of a nationally recognized cybersecurity framework to comfy the town’s laptop infrastructure.

“I desired something with a graphical display, and if it changed into going to take a Ph.D. To use, that wouldn’t make paintings,” Boozer stated. The software creates profiles of how computers and devices generally act daily like recurring visitors float.

“It’s like having a protection shield at a shop. There is a regular pattern of human beings moving out of the doors with receipts in their arms and packing containers. Then, when [the guard] sees any person with bins but no receipt, they flag it,” Boozer stated.

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