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How to Move Your Podcasts Between Apps

How to Move Your Podcasts Between Apps 1

One quick tip on “Export Subscriptions,” I could export my podcasts directly to my Dropbox folder. Easy. I then pulled up Pocket Casts, tapped on the “Profile” icon in the lower-right corner, and tapped on “Import/Export OPML.” Unfortunately, that didn’t do much of anything, as I was reminded by the app that the only way to import an OPML file is to email it to yourself and then open the attachment in Pocket Casts via the iOS Share Sheet. Sigh.

Podcasts Between Apps

I’ve long been partial to the Castro podcast app, mainly because I paid $five back while the app turned into on model 2, which unlocked a subset of functions that these days’ Castro three customers can’t get without a subscription. (Ha!) However, Pocket Casts—the Shark to Castro’s Jet—now supports playback on Amazon Echo devices via a little beneficial talent. I want to take advantage of around my residence to begin clearing out my 100+ episode queue.

In different phrases, it’s time to interchange. However, the closing factor I must do is manually resubscribe to all of the podcasts, presently filling my queue to the breaking point. Thankfully, I don’t must—nor do you, if you ever discover yourself looking to leap deliver from one podcast app to another.

… With one caveat, of course. If you’ve been using the built-in Podcasts app on iOS or Google’s quirky new Podcasts app-element on Android, you’re going to should join podcasts in the guide manner in something new participant you choose. Neither app permits you to export your podcast subscriptions as an OPML report; that is the approach I’ll use to move from Castro (iOS / Android) to Pocket Casts (iOS / Android).

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