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Software - July 4, 2019

Intel releases details on One API software program programming venture

Intel currently supplied an update at the employer’s software task called One API. The venture is meant to supply a unified programming version to simplify software improvement for workloads, even when operating across numerous computing architectures. Since the inception of the assignment, the breadth of computing has grown to consist of specialized accelerators. So Intel is now working to supply software answers that allow customers to get the maximum out in their hardware. Intel is planning on releasing a developer beta or even more info at the task within the fourth area of 2019.
Basically, One API is meant to provide an efficient software programming model to supply overall performance for people who are working with numerous, datacentric workloads. One API helps each direct programming and API programming. So it could supply a unified language and libraries that offer full native code overall performance throughout more than a few hardware. Here are some extra details about the diverse capabilities and alternatives for this challenge.
Direct programming with One API
One API has a brand new direct programming language known as Data-Parallel C++. It’s an open, go-industry opportunity to unmarried structure proprietary languages. Based on C++, this programming language supplies parallel programming overall performance and productiveness thru a programming version that’s also acquainted with builders. It additionally contains SYCL and consists of language extensions that had been developed the use of an open network procedure.
API-based programming
In addition to the direct programming alternatives, One API additionally includes powerful libraries that span several workload domain names that advantage from acceleration. These library functions are custom coded to work with each precise goal architecture.
Analysis and debug tools
Intel is likewise operating to deliver more advantageous variations of its analysis and debug equipment to guide the DPC++ programming language and the range of various SVMS architectures included in One API. These gear are meant to assist users to make the experience even less complicated.

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