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Software - July 4, 2019

Radisys’ Open 5G Software seed code contribution to accelerate the O-RAN environment

Radisys Corporation, an international leader of open telecom answers, announced that it is contributing its Open 5G Software seed code to the O-RAN Alliance for its 5G NR Stack Reference Architecture.
Radisys’ contribution will assist boost up the O-RAN atmosphere and permit the shipping of open APIs and open architectures that cell operators can use to boost up their 5G network construct-outs, even as benefitting from decreased charges, enhancing community efficiencies, and enabling a multi-dealer ecosystem.
“China Mobile is a founding member of the O-RAN Alliance and co-chair of WG8, and we are committed to bringing openness and intelligence to the 5G RAN constructed with virtualized community factors, open hardware, and open APIs,” said Dr. Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, CMCC.
“The Alliance’s fulfillment depends on key contributions from our members, each cellular operators, and carriers. China Mobile is glad to peer key O-RAN members including Radisys have started actively contributing seed codes.
“We are also devoted to contributing code to the O-RAN SC network. China Mobile believes that the open source RAN software will play a vital function in selling the prosperity of an open environment.”
“We percentage a not unusual vision with our WG8 co-chairs – China Mobile, AT&T and Intel – to accelerate RAN evolution through the concepts of disaggregation and openness, even as laying the basis for 5G networks that are being constructed today,” stated Neeraj Patel, vice president and preferred supervisor, Software and Services, Radisys.
“We thank our mobile operator co-chairs for welcoming us as co-chair, re-affirming our very own commitment to the open telecom revolution, and we call on other vendors and operators to make their very own contributions to this important work.”

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