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Tech News - February 23, 2024

There is one US tech hub where the cost of living is below the country wide average

There is one US tech hub where the cost of living is below the country wide average 1

While there are signs that some big tech companies are increasing outside the expensive San Francisco Bay Area, a new record from jobs website online Indeed suggests they aren’t straying to some distance from their roots.

Nearly a 3rd of the tech jobs published on Indeed last 12 months had been positioned in only eight metro areas with at least 1 million. These tech hubs are lots more similar than different: Six of them are on the east or west coast. All lean left politically. But the most effective one—Raleigh, North Carolina—has a price of living underneath the countrywide common.

The southern US city, surrounded by way of high-studies universities, has an up-and-coming entrepreneurial tech scene. And in contrast to San Francisco, in which the median domestic rate is around $1.Three million, in Raleigh, the median list fee for homes is below $330,000.

Despite rising exertions and housing expenses in the different US tech hubs, 31.7% of all new tech jobs in 2018 had been placed inside the eight huge metros identified by Indeed, up from 31.1% percent in 2017.

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The excessive demand for specialized talents in artificial intelligence and IT helps explain these hubs’ short boom of tech jobs. Not entirely, Indeed located that the Bay Area, lengthy the dominant participant in tech, has the very best awareness of high-paying, rapidly expanding tech jobs, including information scientists and cloud engineers. In contrast, Washington DC has a foothold on IT and community security professionals.

Overall, the tech industry accounted for six.6% of Indeed task postings in metros with populations over 1 million, instead of simply three.3% inside the metros with a minimum of 1 / 4 million human beings. The data allows illustrating how tech wealth continues to be focused in very few coastal cities.

But the big paychecks in these hubs are perhaps now not as moneymaking as they appear. While salaries are excessive in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, they regularly move directly, returned to exorbitant rents and $15 salads. To make their pay pass farther, task seekers may also need to look out of doors of the eight biggest hubs for more opportunities.

Smaller hubs identified with the aid of Indeed consist of Ann Arbor, Michigan; Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida.

Though they lack the vast hubs’ project-capital funding and deep technical abilities, the smaller tech areas, consistent with Indeed, tend to be greater, less costly, and, as a set, are more excellent various geographically, economically, and politically than the enormous hubs. Indeed notes that five of the ten leading smaller tech hubs voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, while Clinton took each of the eight largest hubs by at the least a 10-factor margin.

Located near navy facilities and universities, many of these smaller tech facilities provide a different combination of jobs, which may be tougher to find in incredibly saturated tech markets. That’s first-rate for both employers and employees who are searching out something a little specific.

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