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Tech News - December 1, 2020

Top UC Browser Add- ons

If you are a mobile user, you have probably used the UC browser or used it in the past because it helps you browse the website too fast. It is too quick due to the disabling of scripts and then, load the web pages to make the browsing faster. If you are the one who is using the UC browser, then you must go for some top UC browser add-on and install these for getting desired help, but these are too significant in work.

Here, we have the list of all UC browser add ons for pc that you can install and find daily usage. Let us know more about the same below.

UC Browser

1. QR Scanner

This extension is useful when you want to decode the text that comes in a QR code. You may have seen QR codes in your daily life, such as on food products, book covers, and so on, but you fail to find the meaning of these hidden codes. To know the exact meaning of the QR code, this extension is too valuable, and it will decode the QR code as displayed on various products.

2. Screenshot

This is an effective tool available on every smartphone, but having it in a browser can help you take the screenshots quickly and in no time. If you are browsing a website and want to save some information, then screenshot UC browser addons download is the best alternative. It is too fast and easy to use. There are two options available either to take a screenshot of the full page or the custom page.

3. Facebook

As social media websites are emerging daily, people want to make accessibility to their accounts easy. A Facebook add-on is a new option available with the UC browser as it is added recently. It requires you to log in to your Facebook account for once, and they will send you notifications from time to time when any updates or messages are received in your account. The automatic notification is enabled when you install this add-on, and you can change it later as per your convenience. All the notifications will pop-up on your screen, and there is no need to check out the account again and again.

4. Gestures

This gesture addons for the UC browser is useful in the case of a bookmarked webpage. Stay away from the old style and draw a pattern, then this add-on will catch the pattern for a certain web page. After the capture has been saved, it will allow you to open the web page by drawing that saved pattern. It is a kind of protection for the webpages that you have bookmarked and want to access in the future. So, no one else will access those pages until and unless you permit them to do so.

5. Save page

This is a simple tool that is already provided by the Opera Browser. It allows the user to save the webpage in either HTML or text format in the device’s storage, such as mass memory. You can save the entire web page in a few clicks, and there is no need to access any procedure and lengthy step to step guide. The add ons for the UC browser is a shortcut to this.

6. Web to PDF

This is an add-on that is used to convert webpage to PDF files. If you want to save the entire information available on a webpage on your device, you can get it as a PDF. There is no need to save the page as HTML and, further, convert it into a pdf file as you can get direct PDF format with this add-on.

7. Find in Page

If you are looking for certain keywords or anything specific words, this add-on is something you have to use. Find in page add-on is helpful to search for a keyword quickly and get it in no time. Just tap on the “Find in Page” from the browser’s add-on panel and type the keyword that you would like to find.

8. Video Downloader

Once you get installed this us browser addon video downloader, you will need not make use of Android apps to download video from video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. Just use this add-on, locate the video, and tap on the play button. When the video starts playing, you will see a download button on the video on the right side and click on the same to begin the download.

8. Speed Mode

With the help of the speed mode add-on, you can change the web page’s display according to the lite version, desktop version, and mobile version. You need to follow a few steps on the UC browser add-on to use this alternative of increased speed. Let us take a peek.

Step 1: Tap on Speed Mode.

Step 2: Switch the available option.

Step 3: refresh the webpage, and it gets implemented.

9. Browser Faster

AS the name implies, it is an add-on that makes the browsing faster by killing or stopping all the background apps. All such unnecessary apps are eating the RAM of the phone will stop with this UC browser addons download and make browsing quick with a few clicks.

10. Unzip Add-on

This is a UC browser add-on that helps extract the files easily, whether it is Rar or zip files. Download the files and unzip them quickly in no time. It seems like a lot of file managers.

11. Ads block Add-on

When we open any webpage, then ads and pop-ups appear rapidly, and it feels like a disturbance in reading the content so that this add-on will emerge. There is no need to see those unwanted ads and improve the reading experience while browsing. So, install it today and make browsing easy.

These are the list of a UC browser addons download that you should keep on your phone. These are meant to improve your experience on the UC browser and make some hectic tasks easy and less time-consuming.

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