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Microsoft - February 12, 2024

Windows 10 update is freezing video games: Microsoft’s repair? Uninstall it for now

Windows 10 update is freezing video games: Microsoft's repair? Uninstall it for now 1

Microsoft’s brand new update for Windows 10 customers has been inflicting “big lag spikes” in some games. Microsoft says it is operating on a fix for a problem in the March 1 replace for Windows 10 model 1809 that has been causing severe overall performance issues with several famous video games, such as Destiny 2. The replacement KB4482887 has created massive general performance issues for a few gamers on Windows 10, affecting mouse movements and photos.

On Wednesday, Windows watcher Woody Leonhard mentioned that there are very active threads on Reddit from customers who have had issues with Destiny 2 and different video games.


The issues are reportedly worse on games that might be nearly a decade antique, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. However, the bug does not affect games like the 2018 launch, Battlefield V.

“This patch is inflicting big lag spikes in older games, like CoD4 and CoD MW2. After installing this replacement, I release any of the two games above, shifting the mouse around (sure, mouse motion) reasons the game to freeze in one 2nd duration each time. If you don’t move the mouse, the game appears pleasant,” wrote one person.

While Microsoft has now confirmed the performance problem is because of the replacement KB4482887, Windows 10 users have for the beyond days been trying to figure out the source of the hassle themselves, walking thru other possible suspects like pics drivers.

“I logged in to play a few the previous day previous to Season of the Drifter beginning this Tuesday and observed my game was strangely slow. It additionally felt as even though my mouse putting and sensitivity had been tousled even though I were comfy with the settings I have for pretty a long term now,” wrote every other Reddit user.

“At first, I thought it could have been today’s Nvidia motive force, so I reverted and tried each of the closing four reliable versions, and the trouble became nonetheless there.”

But even earlier than Microsoft officially stated the issue on Thursday, that user had found out that uninstalling KB4482887 and pausing Windows replace to prevent it from reinstalling could clear up the problem.

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