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Cell Phone - March 2, 2024

An Essential Guide to Impressive Zoom Calls on Your Mobile

An Essential Guide to Impressive Zoom Calls on Your Mobile 1

Many have insinuated that the iPhone is essentially a dinosaur and that its parent company Apple is a one-product company hanging on to an invention long past its glory. Since its first iteration on January 9, 2007, the iPhone has made its mark as a prized possession by no less than Steve Jobs. All the negative talk about the merits of the iPhone should be laid to rest by now, however. Despite the seemingly unimpeded advance of the virus, iPhone 12 sales over the holidays made history as the product that brought them the highest revenue ever in company history.

But that underscores one thing as well. People are so internet-driven, they’re putting their money on the latest mobile technology they can lay their hands on. There’s a big jump now globally and locally. Over 61% of website access during the pandemic was done via mobile devices in America; desktop access only accounted for 28.9% of the visits. Globally, the same trend prevails.

Impressive Zoom Calls

Thus, when it comes to Zoom calls, you’ll have to bear in mind that doing one over a desktop is a whole different experience than doing it on your mobile, iPhone, or Android. Indeed, knowing how to do a Zoom call on your mobile device right is paramount. It’s the order of the day.

Eliminate Distractions

Not only do you need to be at the right time when a call happens, but also you need to be at the right place. We’re assuming you’re doing a business call. If it’s just an everyday thing, a call to a friend need not be so demanding. Distractions such as your child playing around can veer you off the topic. Getting to your home office while closing the door is an excellent decision if you’re at home.

Additionally, you need to attend to your device. As you may know by now, apps can bother you while you’re in the middle of a conversation. You should turn off notifications at the time your scheduled meeting is to start. That way, you don’t get flooded by a slew of messages while you’re in the middle of your call. Learn how you can get it done on Android devices and iPhones.

However, a little planning should be spot on. It’s tough to expect the best of calls if your smartphone is not in tiptop condition. Whether it’s a broken screen or any annoying situation, you should let the experts in. For one, you need your iPhone repaired days before a set Zoom meeting to get technical issues straightened out.

Make Yourself Visible

The smaller screens of phones make it easy for you to forget about where the camera is pointing. Unlike the bigger desktops where the camera is visible, smartphones don’t have their cameras sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s why when a participant is mobile; they end up being seen as a mysterious chin or top of the head. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with your chin; it’s just that seeing your face is best in a conversation.

But there’s a way to counter this issue. Zoom’s mobile app presents you with two views, the larger view of the speaker and the small view. You should use this self-view feature to your advantage and factor in needed adjustments along the way. If you’re in a room, a mobile stand should be best. It ensures you don’t shake the phone every time you move.

However, if you’re driving, you may want to go to safe driving mode. That way, you can only hear what people are talking about but can’t engage as your microphone, video, and camera are shut off. Just make sure you tell your team before you do.

Use a Headset

Take note that each piece of mobile comes with different specifications. Sometimes, some tablets and phones don’t have top-notch audio hardware. That can certainly pose a problem for you.

Chances are, you might not be very audible when in a Zoom meeting. To make matters worse, some mobile products on the market today don’t have echo-cancellation, leaving you with a messy conversation instead of an impressive one.  For more worthwhile conversations, a headset should be best. Make sure you have one ready and tested before your actual meeting.

Planning indeed plays a huge role in the success of your Zoom meeting. You’ll find that you can raise the bar of your success a notch higher when you do things according to what has to be accomplished.

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