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Tech News - July 4, 2019

How Consumer and Tech Trends Shape Samsung NEXT’s Strategy

Consumers are more and more deciding on reviews over things, in keeping with David Eun, Chief Innovation Officer of Samsung Electronics and President of Samsung NEXT. In a keynote interview on the 2019 Collision Conference in Toronto, Eun stated a shift from the possession of merchandise to subscription-based get entry to as a primary factor so as to force the global technology enterprise’s strategy over the coming years.
As an innovation arm inside Samsung, Eun said Samsung NEXT is “reason-constructed to recognition on improvements in software and services that might complement Samsung’s historical understanding in hardware and customer electronics. We try this by having extraordinary attention on startups and entrepreneurs.”

Moderator Arielle Pardes, a senior partner editor at Wired, chatted with Eun about the importance of era traits like AI, which patron shifts are impacting the tech investment landscape, and how entrepreneurs are adapting to each.
Investing in a new era
Early-stage startups offer buyers a completely unique opportunity to deliver clean views and revolutionary technology into big businesses like Samsung. Samsung NEXT has a devoted fund targeted on making an investment mainly in early-degree AI startups. One specific location of the hobby is startups targeting grand challenges of AI, inclusive of human-computer interaction, intuitive physics, and robot manipulate.
“ commencing as much as distinctive approaches to AI and startups who’re seeking to address troubles and troubles along the whole price chain,” Eun said.
Samsung NEXT’s integration of Israeli-based MissingLink.Ai into its product development organization is indicative of its hobby in companies with innovative AI solutions. Founded in 2016, missing links platform offers tools for software program developers to extra successfully run device learning experiments. It does this by means of providing tools for information scientists to better manipulate the statistics and resources required to build their device mastering fashions.
“With device gaining knowledge of, it’s genuinely approximately scaling and getting your palms around big volumes of facts,” Eun defined. “And that may be a very bulky, inefficient manner. So we’re providing gear and techniques that make matters an awful lot greater efficient.”
Focusing on consumer stories
One essential element in Samsung NEXT’s evaluation of recent generation is identifying consumer and tech developments that will affect humans and commercial enterprise around the sector.
“What we’ve been doing extra lately is going deeper on the fundamentals of ways humans are seeing the sector and behaving. One of those matters we’re observing is what I name ‘experiences over things,’” Eun said.
Whether it’s attending stay music activities or getting dinner with pals, Eun predicts that extra purchasers will begin gravitating towards spending on genuine and social reports instead of long-lasting items. In fact, the latest file from Expedia discovered that seventy-four percent of Americans currently prioritize reviews over things.
Eun additionally pointed to analyze showing that humans derive greater lengthy-term happiness and delight after purchasing meaningful reports than spending money on matters.
“It doesn’t suggest people received’t buy matters,” he said, “but the things are a means to a greater stop. If you take a look at the statistics, there’s nonetheless four times more spending on things. But some thing like eighty percent of millennials is expecting that they’ll spend extra cash on doing matters than buying matters.”
Another consumer fashion Eun pointed to is a shift from “ownership” to “get admission to.” Because customers can e book a journey the usage of a cellular app or get entry to a vehicle on-demand, fewer purchasers see the want to personal a vehicle. As an end result, Samsung NEXT is asking at companies that generate revenue from subscriptions.

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