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Tech News - April 19, 2019

Hundreds of tech merchandise on Amazon have fake five-celebrity critiques from unverified consumers

Amazon prides itself for its true consumer reviews for products but it is able to have some thing to worry approximately. A take a look at by means of UK-based totally purchaser organization ‘Which?’ indicates that technology products of ‘unknown’ brands on Amazon have obtained five-star ratings. Moreover, the reviewers seem to be unverified shoppers.

The study says that seek outcomes for gadgets are ruled commonly by using brands nobody has ever heard of, however their evaluations are advantageous. In truth, within hours of these products being uploaded onto Amazon, they’ve hundreds of five-big name critiques.


This record is based on opinions of 14 era products which include smartwatches, wearables, cameras, headphones that were reputedly closely focused by using probably faux opinions. Headphones have the highest range of fake critiques.

Which? Observed that when searching the word ‘headphone’, tech specialists had no longer heard of any of the manufacturers that confirmed up on the first web page. As many as seventy one percentage of the goods on the primary web page had 5-big name evaluations, although it became now not clear from 87 percent of the critiques whether the product became simply offered from Amazon.

One of the most important e-commerce businesses in the international, Amazon said it invests loads of sources in ensuring reviews are proper and help customers in their purchasing experience. “Even one inauthentic assessment is one too many. We have clear participation tips for each reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take felony movement on individuals who violate our rules,” Which? Quoted Amazon as saying.

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