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Tech News - February 23, 2024

How Google’s scandals gave upward thrust to the tech labor movement

How Google's scandals gave upward thrust to the tech labor movement 1

2018 proved to be a momentous yr for employee activism at a number of the sector’s most prominent tech groups. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all determined themselves underneath hearth from their staffs over a ramification of social and coverage issues. Silicon Valley’s rank-and-file employees have made their voices heard and have begun to bring about substantial modifications within their companies, on the entirety from preventing sexual harassment and cooperation with law enforcement to surveillance technology and user facts. 2019 appears to be extra of the equal.

At the start of this month, Google introduced the formation of an AI advisory council: the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATAC). “This group will consider some of Google’s maximum complex demanding situations that arise below our AI Principles,” Kent Walker, Google’s SVP of worldwide affairs, wrote in a March blog post, “like facial reputation and equity in system studying, supplying various views to inform our paintings.” Or, as a minimum, it became purported to.


Shortly after Walker’s declaration, a collection of Google personnel posted an open letter annoying that the corporation removed Kay Coles James, president of conservative suppose tank the Heritage Foundation, from the advisory council over her “vocally anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-immigrant” views. The organization accuses Google of “making clean that its model of ‘ethics’ values proximity to strength over the health of transhuman beings, different LGBTQ human beings, and immigrants.

“By appointing James to the ATEAC, Google elevates and endorses her perspectives, implying that hers is a valid attitude worthy of inclusion in its choice-making,” the Googlers continued. This is unacceptable.” To date, 2,556 personnel have signed their assist of it.

The quick backlash appears to have (at the least partly) labored. James and the Heritage Foundation have lost their seat at the ATEAC — even though so too did the opposite seven council members. Rather than accede to the protesters’ demands, Google decided to blow everything up and start over.

“It’s grown to be clean that within the modern environment, ATEAC cannot function as we wanted,” an editor’s note on Walker’s post introduced on April 1. “So we are ending the council and going lower back to the drawing board. We’ll stay accountable in our work on the crucial problems that AI raises and could locate different approaches of having outside evaluations on those subjects.”

Ironically, the Heritage Foundation scandal turned into prompted, as a minimum in component, using Google’s previous scandals: the Maven and JEDI projects.

Even though the Maven machine changed into constrained to only choosing out singular objects like motors and those, many Google personnel have been uncomfortable with supporting to expand a military generation designed to assist kill humans extra quick. More than four 000 employees signed an open letter condemning the agency’s involvement with the challenge.

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