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Tech News - February 23, 2024

Tech groups introduce new projects for women eager to enroll in back the team of workers

Tech groups introduce new projects for women eager to enroll in back the team of workers 1

Technology firms, inclusive of Accenture, Nutanix, and Hinduja Global Solutions, are installing new projects aimed at supporting girls keen on getting back to paintings after a mid-career wreck, even though the participation of ladies has remained low, mainly in senior positions.

Companies are focusing on getting on board ladies in senior roles, with at least 12 years of enjoying, in keeping with an HR consultancy company, Stockroom. The new programs or revamps to present ones are intended to re-talent girls employees, choosing flexible work hours.

According to Stockroom’s studies, 60% of professional re-starters choose to operate from home after a break, and 30% opt for full-time roles, with the rest being open to both options.

Cloud computing firm Nutanix has launched WomEnncore, a returning program for women, incorporating batches of 40 girls during the 12 months. It consists of each school room schooling in addition to a real place of business experience.

Hinduja Global Solutions, a business system outsourcing company, has released an obligatory sensitization program for employees across all degrees to address biases and has implemented a technology-led work-at-home idea for women.


Management consulting fundamental Accenture, which added a program referred to as the High-Tech Women in 2015, has now made it over to focus on schooling individuals in new technology, including Artificial Intelligence, automation, and blockchain.

The 18-month program identifies high-performing women at mid-career tiers and supports them thru education and mentorship. Accenture says 1 six hundred ladies have enrolled within the program, with over 650 certified technical architects.

ThoughtWorks’ Vapasi program has extended internships and full-time possibilities to close to 18 members across locations. “The plan for 2019 is to host eight batches across seven places,” stated Tina Vinod, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at ThoughtWorks.

Despite many such projects, the participation of women in senior roles has remained low. According to HR company Belong, even as 29% of women start running in a given yr, the percentage drops to a dark 7% after 12 years.

“The technology industry suffers from a massive leaky bucket with regards to skilled girls technologists. A particular organization of skilled ladies technologists who’re currently on a career spoil and seeking to resume paintings is finding it extraordinarily difficult not best to come again however also to stay technical,” stated Tina Vinod of ThoughtWorks, which added the Vapasi program in 2017 to cope with this task.

Companies first want to start giving ladies possibilities to show their expertise, stated Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder of recruitment platform TeamLease Services. “The hassle that they commonly face is, a majority of the companies aren’t prepared to provide them a chance. After taking a destroy, girls have different troubles; groups want to understand them and remedy them now, not just make policies.”

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