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Microsoft - February 21, 2024

Microsoft’s new Xbox doesn’t use any discs

Microsoft's new Xbox doesn't use any discs 1

Microsoft is heralding an all-virtual gaming future with the assertion of its new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
The circulate brings us toward making video game discs into museum relics alongside the vintage Sega and Nintendo cartridges from previous consoles. With the new all-digital Xbox, game enthusiasts may be able, to begin with, three virtual games pre-downloaded at the console, together with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3. From there, they’ll be able to construct their library of digital video games onto the one terabyte severe pressure.

Saves, backups, and other sports data are available in the cloud. And no more fantastic long strains across the block when big video games are released. The console will offer the capability to pre-installation upcoming games so that you can play the second one they release. For now, sport discs will live on. However, you will most effectively be capable of playing them on other Xbox One consoles.

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