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Gadgets - February 19, 2024

Sony curtailing explicit content material in PlayStation games

Sony curtailing explicit content material in PlayStation games 1

Tokyo: Sony is installing stricter policies on sexual content in its PlayStation video games, based totally on the rise of the #MeToo motion that took industries like tech and leisure through typhoons. Sony Corp is cracking down on sexual content in PlayStation 4 video games globally, reflecting issues in the US regarding the depiction of girls in fun and worrying a few software developers. “New in-residence requirements that limit sexually explicit content distinguish Sony from other sport-hardware makers that permit greater leeway as long as the software program carries a score from a country-wide industry frame,” The Wall Street Journal reported late on Tuesday.

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The flow is reportedly aimed at supporting builders “offer properly-balanced” content material that doesn’t “inhibit the sound boom and development” of younger human beings.

“Sony is concerned the company ought to grow to be a goal of prison and social action,” a spokesperson for Sony inside the US became quoted as pronouncing with the aid of The WSJ. The rule seems to have hit several titles already, including the “Devil May Cry five”. Sony’s home turf of Japan is famous for having a higher tolerance for erotic games — games that might be considered obscene or outright offensive in the US. Whatever the precise guidelines, a few developers are not glad. There have been times where builders had to cover up characters the usage of light rays, smoke, or similar results, and there’s a worry this could lower creativity among developers.

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