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Microsoft - February 11, 2024

The Tenacious Pursuit of Capital

The Tenacious Pursuit of Capital 1

Robbie says it turned into hard elevating cash for his startup Cozi. They relentlessly tried to raise institutional capital but were given turned down every available time— a giant roadblock being that it genuinely wasn’t visible as having the billion-dollar ability or occurring to be a $10 billion enterprise.

Ultimately, they capitalized on the commercial enterprise through angel traders and strategic buyers. Robbie’s family ended up agreeing to match any funding bucks he could increase. They went on to elevate tens of millions.

Robbie is evident that the commercial enterprise’s fundraising system and construction have left him protected in plenty of “scar tissue.”


Still, with a lot of tenacity, they made it—even though Robbie now truly appreciates the advice he gives on how perseverance can be your most good energy and most significant weakness as an entrepreneur. There are lots of lessons and help you may get to build tenacity and raise money. What there isn’t a lot of is lessons on how to fail. Your scarcest resource is not cash. It’s slow. That manner, being inclined to fail and fail rapidly is a noticeably treasured ability.

The Value of a Coach

Dealing with a board, cofounders, employees and buyers, and even customers may be challenging. There are a whole lot of conflicting interests. Robbie says he became lucky to find a person who might be a coach.

He says, “Often there are decisions that I need to make, and it’s the first-rate to have a marketing consultant, a train, a critic, who’s capable of speaking via those varieties of selections with me, who doesn’t have a vested interest within the answers apart from the fulfillment of the commercial enterprise itself. In different phrases, there may be no operational implications to him. It presents superb clarity. It additionally enables me to analyze and develop from each available hard problem we paintings on together.”

Three VIPs for Your Next Startup

Robbie’s present-day startup—98point6—has raised $86 million. It is an enterprise that is revolutionizing primary care and medical doctor offerings using ditching the transactionalization that has taken over our healthcare device and almost the whole lot in our international nowadays. Even with a club model, hello-tech surroundings, and limitless rules, if you can dial again some of the transactionalization we’ve fallen into, you might just be surprised by the outcomes. Just ask Tony Hsieh from Zappos.

The 2d VIP takeaway from this episode of DealMakers turned into the significance of understanding what investors need at every spherical. Robbie breaks it down in one of the friendly approaches I’ve heard up to now. Be sure to pay attention to the entire interview to study what 98point6 encountered from seed round to Series C. Third, the handiest element that topics to savvy investors on fundraising and scaling a commercial enterprise is culture.

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