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E-Commerce - February 10, 2024

The impetus toward smaller players

The impetus toward smaller players 1

ECMs must try to find authorization from trademark owners before listing any high-fee merchandise, cosmetics, or touchy items (particularly those who impact public health) on their portals. ECM has to point out MRPs (most local fees) on all packages and invoices in Indian rupees. Barring life-saving capsules, gifting of parcels shall be forbidden.

smaller players

All purchaser ratings for validated purchases must be published, except those located to be promotional, abusive, or inappropriate. ECMs must additionally be careful with fraudulent critiques through vendors and their associates.

Better accountability and less complicated grievance redressal strategies have to attract the eye of consumers who’ve been paranoid approximately online buying.

To sell “unbiased” promoting, i.E. Sales by using entities now not controlled or stimulated with the aid of ECMs, the ECM will have to consciousness more on getting new domestic manufacturers, producers, buyers, and shops on their systems. Even extra so, because ECM is disallowed from storing, controlling, or proudly owning any inventory sold through their portal. This works in favor of small shops.

Unsolicited advertising and advertisement strategies using ECM could be monitored closely using regulators to prevent monopolization.

These measures must prevent pricing discrimination between ECM and their offline counterparts, thus creating a playing area for all.

Last-mile connectivity

Data centers, servers, towers, optical wires, signal transceivers, antennae, and so on. Could be accorded ‘infrastructure reputation.’ ECM might be capable of availing of finance, power supply, and connectivity answers at reasonable costs. This has to assist ECMs in tapping faraway regions in India, improving the unorganized outlets in such areas.

In end

While the draft targets to tackle demanding situations confronted via smaller outlets, ECMs, have little to cheer about. For Amazon and Flipkart, losses aren’t the most significant cause of concern because each is backed with the aid of cash-rich preserving companies.

However, for India, the demanding component is the negative belief that policies/drafts like those created in the minds of present/potential overseas buyers. Such rules have a detrimental referring on FDI inflows in a region that offers massive boom capability.

So, have to the above-stated provisions see the mild of the day, the sigh of comfort for small outlets could come at a massive fee. Donald Trump’s plans to give up preferential exchange treatment to India, which were on the schedule considering that quite a while, might have been in all likelihood caused by way of the restrictive rules for worldwide e-trade players (Amazon, Walmart) in India. This might also be the primary of the numerous reactive steps that could comply with.

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