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Tech News - February 23, 2024

How the Anthill Studio accelerator helps media-tech startups ride the virtual wave

How the Anthill Studio accelerator helps media-tech startups ride the virtual wave 1

Praveen Mokkapati is Associate Partner at Anthill Ventures. An IIM Bangalore alumnus, he has over a decade of experience in B2B scaling across India and Southeast Asia. He oversees operational sales and advertising and marketing distribution channels for marketers across numerous startup scaling programs consisting of Anthill Studio. He additionally assists corporate methods and innovation for enterprise leaders utilizing leveraging the startup environment.

Praveen joins us on this chat on the imaginative and prescient of Anthill Studio, the graduated startups, choice, and services for the upcoming cohort, possibilities for marketers in India, and recommendations for aspiring founders.

Edited excerpts of the interview:

YourStory: What has become the founding vision of your accelerator, and how is it supported? Praveen Mokkapati: Anthill Studio was born to identify and help accelerate media-tech startups with robust capability to disrupt an enterprise. This is deeply entrenched in traditional methods and commercial enterprise fashions. To allow this imaginative and prescient, Anthill Ventures partnered with Suresh Productions and Rana Daggubati – each with vital purpose – to guide the startup surroundings thru their very treasured enterprise know-how and foresight.

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YS: What might you say are the pinnacle three possibilities for Indian marketers?


1. ESports. When Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, the eSports industry turned a nook. Commanding a swiftly growing viewership, the sector has the capacity for startups to make it huge.

2. Healthcare. From the several gaps in primary healthcare or emerging growth in senior residents to rising ranges and focus of intellectual pressure and want for early or pre-diagnosis for a vast population, there are numerous possibilities for the clever entrepreneur to construct solutions.

3. Travel and mobility. With a rising center-elegance populace, their aspirations, and increasing disposable money to spend, more Indians are expected to tour in the coming years than before. Tailoring answers for this segment can be profitable. Given the emphasis on self sustaining vehicles and electric-powered automobiles, the entire fee chain presents possibilities to disrupt the conventional explanations.

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