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E-Commerce - April 18, 2019

This Singapore-based totally E-commerce Platform Taking Companies to China Thinks Social Commerce is the Strategy of the Future

Kawee Chong, the CEO of Kino Biotech Group, and co-founding father of each Kinofy and the Kinohimitsu emblem, is a person who dons many hats.

With over 20 years of revel in in the health and splendor industry, Chong is the various older professionals in Asia who apprehend what the purchaser wishes.

At Kinofy, that is a spin-off of Kino Biotech Group, Chong is assisting emblem proprietors to kickstart their access into the China marketplace through cross-border e-trade importation. This method of importation notably reduces the prematurely investment required for companies to set up a presence in China.


For example, the system for product registration is simplified and expedited. This provides pace to the marketplace, which is vital for fast-paced retail corporations. Also, thru go-border e-commerce importation, merchants are most effective vulnerable to pay taxes upon the sale of products. This has a sizeable advantageous impact on the merchant’s cash flow.

Kinofy claims to mix e-trade control, marketing automation, order control, stock management, logistics control, delivery control and more magnificent with the Kinofy cloud-primarily based platform that offers merchants a single view of their enterprise, whenever, everywhere.

Chong leads the Kinofy crew in crafting an all-rounded and seamless buying experience via online and offline channels, making sure that contemporary consumers advantage from a holistic consumer journey.

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific caught up with Kawee Chong to learn more approximately the e-trade platform that he facilitates run, the electricity of social media and go-border exchange opportunities.

Over the years, retail has developed from brick and mortar shops to e-trade, e-marketplaces and now, social trade is heading mainstream. If you’ve got retail, commercial enterprise, hop at the social trade bandwagon these days. There’s no time to waste thinks Chong.

“Social media lets in us to meet the want for romance and belonging by using forging connections and building groups. From a business attitude, social media structures are a exquisite way to acquire and interact our goal audiences and subsequently convert them into clients or maybe advocates,” Chong said.


Chong says Kinofy’s eight-Step Market Entry Programme is specifically designed to equip merchants with the essentials they want to begin their social commerce commercial enterprise in China. Besides a robust e-commerce platform and cost added services, merchants are empowered with marketplace insights, understand-hows and realistic schooling that prepare them to be operationally geared up.

“Once traders have correctly registered their merchandise and set up their WeChat store, we provide solutions that help them in riding save traffic and building emblem groups,” Chong explains.

At Kinofy, Chong believes that building a sturdy emblem community is fundamental to the brand’s growth and sustainability. Hence, we offer over 2 hundred social promoting gear inside the platform that merchants may additionally employ, to build, have interaction and manage their logo network. Unlike a few other social structures that restrict content material attain, WeChat traders can also speak directly with 100% in their followers.

Future Plans

For merchants who come on board with Kinofy, Chong strives to alleviate their concerns over the multitude of demanding situations that incorporates new market access, especially one as huge as China. To do so, the enterprise facilitates them to simplify complicated processes, expedite tedious processes, automate repetitive obligations and construct a unbroken infrastructure.

“It is all about Smart, Simple and Seamless,” Chong stated.

The organisation cognizance proper now could be (and has always been) on assisting overseas manufacturers spoil into the China market says Chong.

“Besides Singapore homegrown manufacturers, on board with us also are brands from our closest neighbor, Malaysia, as well as way across the globe, from Canada. In our pipeline are manufacturers from all over the global inclusive of Australia, UK, US, France and South Korea. At the identical time, we’re actively on the lookout for potential licensed partners,” Chong stated.

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