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E-Commerce - February 18, 2024

British life-style brand deploys Contentsquare for e-commerce optimization, growth approach

British life-style brand deploys Contentsquare for e-commerce optimization, growth approach 1

British global luxury lifestyle emblem Belstaff is deploying an optimization technique for its online storefront with virtual experience platform Contentsquare.

The technology initiative comes after 365 days of online logo construction, according to a press launch. The goal now, in keeping with Belstaff E-commerce Coordinator Stephanie Cave, is the use of information-driven insight to optimize prioritization to provide a superior virtual enjoyment for the online consumer.

“We’ve had amazing achievement inside the remaining yr building our brand online. Now we have a stable basis; our key priorities are ensuring our digital experience is seamless for our customers and boosting conversion. While that is a conventional goal for a maximum of contemporary retail manufacturers, Belstaff was at the start a very retail-first employer, so the improvement of our e-commerce and digital teams is also a critical enterprise objective that we’re embracing,” Cave said inside the launch.


Contentsquare is assisting Cave and her group to increase their roles from taking care of website content to encompass metadata, content material categories, navigation on-website, and more.

“One thing it truly has been beneficial for us in using Contentsquare is the session replay,” Cave said in the release.”One of the first matters I noticed on that function become that every one of our visitors uses the scale manually; however, we had an issue with the size publications not displaying up because the URLs weren’t set up efficiently on the product pages, which means the dimensions courses weren’t pulling through. That adversely affected conversion, so we determined an approach to reset all the URLs on the goods, so the dimensions guides were regarded. Then, we redesigned the size manual so it was less difficult to study and less complicated to use, which need to assist us to lessen churn and growth conversion.”

Belstaff also replaced some content material on the homepage with product carousels so visitors can locate merchandise quicker and has already visible a significant increase in click-on-via costs.

“The primary thing that drew me to Contentsquare became it wasn’t simply presenting statistics; it becomes providing solutions. Rather than pronouncing ‘right here’s the information, you do what you want with it,’ Contentsquare provided us the records and guidelines on how we ought to change or enhance it to offer our traffic an optimized revel in,” said Cave.

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