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Microsoft - April 19, 2019

Microsoft’s Next Xbox Is Going To Have To Match PS5’s Most Exciting New Feature

We’re nonetheless greater than yr out from these new consoles virtually hitting the marketplace, however make no mistake: the following-gen console wars officially kicked off the day prior to this, whilst Sony officially unveiled the PS5–called handiest “next-generation”, however permit’s just name it PS5–through an special piece in Wired. The new gadget will be backwards compatible and will characteristic and SSD and a GPU built off of AMD’s Ryzen line. We don’t know the charge, we do not know whatever about the launch lineup, we do not know anything about how new subscription offerings or streaming will issue in, but we recognise a whole lot extra than we did two days ago. The PS5 is now a real element that we will speak about in terms that are not pure speculation.

For the most part, not anything we recognize approximately the PS5 is hugely unexpected. That was Sony’s tactic with the PS4: launch a generational upgrade that doesn’t alternate the middle idea, with a few new capabilities to boot. So some distance that is what we are seeing here, even though once more there are numerous questions to be asked going ahead. The largest a part of the ones generational upgrades, however, has got to be the SSD, or Solid State Drive. This will permit the PS5 to load games an awful lot greater quickly than a conventional HDD, as all people it is used an SSD on a PC can inform you. The Wired article features a demo the use of Spider-Man, that’s only so useful as it simplest indicates us how rapid the PS5 can load a PS4 game. But I get the sensation that when this system hits the marketplace, the SSD and reduced loading instances are going to be the maximum important difference.

This is the hardware feature that Microsoft will should match in its high-give up next-era Xbox. The corporation is probably going to make two new Xboxes, one for price range consumers and one for the kind of excessive-stop gamer that might commonly buy launch hardware. We’re talking approximately the excessive-stop one here, to be the maximum direct competition for the PS5. And now that Sony has set the bar, it will be very substantial if that thing doesn’t have an SSD. That could imply that each of these machines might be loading the same third-party video games at wildly specific rates, leading to the similar type of destructive comparisons that dogged the Xbox One earlier inside the generation with resolution and frame rate.


We do not know anything approximately Microsoft’s machines, so it’s entirely possible that the high-give up system can have an SSD, and right here’s hoping. Without that, Microsoft will likely need to compete on the charge, something that might, of a path, be less difficult to do without an highly-priced hard drive in there.

This is one of the main things I’ll be watching for while Microsoft unveils its new machine(s). Whatever selection the agency has made is in all likelihood set in stone at this point, so I wouldn’t expect all and sundry to scramble and change matters around. But as a long way, as capabilities go, that is a massive one. Of course, Microsoft should continually nonetheless pop out beforehand thru its finances machine. However, it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

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